“Congratulations” Fans react as Maccasio acquires a new house [see photos]

Northern based Ghanaian rapper, mostly called the rapper’s jack ,Maccasio has won big as he acquires a very big mansion for himself.

This is a dream come through as a young entertainer from the Northern part of Ghana, because it is not easy to breakthrough over here and make money as compared to the southern part of the country. But the Likes of Maccasio, Fancy Gadam and many others have proven that there’s money in music so there’s a lot of encouragement for the youth to venture into music and not let the talents go wasted.

Three years ago it was Fancy Gadam who acquired a mansion and it was a big move ,now his rival has also made it and it is a very nice move as far as the industry is concern.

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The photos of the newly acquired mansion of Maccasio is already trending on social media as fans congratulates him and making him know that they are very proud of him . The house is located at Kasalgu on the Tamale _ Nyankala highways according to sources . See Photos of the house below.

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