D Blingx calls Upper East Region DJs and industry players for sabotaging him ( watch video)

Bolgatanga-based artist D Blingx has recently taken to TikTok to voice frustrations with upper east region DJs, radio presenters, and industry players who he accuses of trying to sabotage his career.


In the video, D Blingx claims that several DJs took payment from him to play his songs on air but never followed through. He says that a total of 5 DJs collected money from him under false pretenses. The artist expressed anger at the alleged actions of these DJs, saying they want his downfall and that he will expose them if they continue.


D Blingx also accused certain individuals of purposefully creating a “New Artist of the Year” category at the upcoming Upper East Music Awards just to nominate him, despite considering himself an established artist who is above such a category. He points to his popular songs, high-quality videos, and substantial streaming numbers as evidence that he should not be placed in the same category as new artists.


The artist gave a stern warning for the DJs and industry players to “start doing the right thing” before it’s too late. He also told those coming to his house to stop, questioning if they are only visiting to rob him.


D Blingx seemed highly aggrieved in the video over what he sees as clear efforts within the regional music industry to stifle his career. It remains to be seen if his public airing of these grievances will lead to any changes or if it will only further strain relations between the rising artist and the local industry. One thing is clear though – D Blingx feels he deserves more respect and support from the region’s music scene.

Watch the video sited by our team on Tiktok.

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