Man who sleeps at Faila’s cook-a-thon venue receives iPhone 14 for his massive support

Failatu Abdul-Razak, a chef from Ghana, is currently undertaking a remarkable feat – attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual. From January 1st to January 5th, 2024, she is showcasing her culinary skills at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, located in the Northern region of Ghana.

Throughout her record-breaking cooking marathon, which has gained widespread attention, an unidentified young man has been noted for his unwavering support. Pictures circulating on social media showcase him staying day and night at the venue, demonstrating remarkable dedication and energy.

His enthusiasm has garnered admiration, leading one kind-hearted person to gift him a brand new iPhone 14. After receiving the phone, the man shared an update on social media, writing: “This guy sleeps at the venue, full of energy, dancing. He has even lost his voice at the moment… A good samaritan asked me to deliver this iPhone to him.”

It’s worth mentioning that the previous record was held by Irish chef Alan Fisher. However, Ugandan chef Dorcus Mirembe, also known as Mama D, has already surpassed Fisher’s record, achieving an impressive cooking time of 119 hours and 57 minutes. She is presently awaiting validation from Guinness World Records as the new record holder.

The young Ghanaian man’s dedication has been a notable part of Abdul-Razak’s attempt to claim the record for herself. His support has not gone unnoticed.

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