“Don’t put artistes on your show without informing them” ,King PC Calls Out Unethical Promotion Tactics Among Kusaug Artists

King PC, a popular singer, rapper, and sound engineer from Garu, has spoken out against the troubling trend of upcoming Kusaug artists using his image on promotional materials without his consent.

In a recent statement, King PC expressed frustration that new artists have been adding his photo to flyers and posters advertising their concerts, creating the false impression that he will be performing or appearing. According to King PC, this unethical tactic misleads fans and is highly disrespectful to artists.

“Putting an artist on your show without informing him is a crime. You are lying to the fans and disrespecting the artist involved,” said King PC. He worries that when people see him advertised for events he was never booked for, they will think he is snubbing or skipping out on appearances.

King PC made it clear that the proper procedure is to politely reach out and book an artist for an event, not falsely co-opt their brand and likeness. He warned that he will start issuing disclaimers if this keeps happening and may pursue legal action.

The popular performer had harsh words for artists employing this deceptive strategy, calling them “local Jon boys” and accusing them of insulting more established singers. He sees this as part of a wider problem in the Kusaug music scene, where newer artists do not show proper respect to veterans.

King PC’s bold call-out brings an unscrupulous industry tactic to light. As he climbs the ladder of success, he wants to see more integrity and ethical behavior become the norm. Artists promoting shows should accurately represent who is performing, rather than misleading fans purely for promotion. Otherwise, they risk backlash from disappointed audiences and artists like King PC who demand fairness and honesty. Listen to King PC below.

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