Fans go crazy to the performance of Vimbwoy as they throw cash on him and sing a long [Video]

A rising star is making waves in the Kusaug music scene. Kusaasi Vimbwoy, known by his stage name K Vimbwoy, is quickly becoming a household name with his unique musical style and high energy performances.

Originally from Bawku in the Kusaug Kingdom of northern Ghana, K Vimbwoy first gained attention collaborating with popular artists like Young Pop, Chiki Cheke, and Striker De Donzy. But it’s his latest solo single “Ninsaal ani zaalim” that has propelled him to stardom amongst Kusaug music fans.

During a recent open air concert, K Vimbwoy had the crowd singing along word-for-word to “Ninsaal ani zaalim.” Fans were so enthusiastic they hoisted the star onto their shoulders as he continued singing and dancing. Audience members also showed their appreciation by showering the stage with cash.

K Vimbwoy’s catchy songs blending traditional Kusaug sounds with modern influences have struck a chord. His charismatic stage presence and high energy choreography complete the package, making him a fan favorite.

As his popularity grows, K Vimbwoy is proving to be an exciting new voice bringing Kusaug music to a wider audience. His concerts continue to draw larger and more enthusiastic crowds. All signs point to an artist on the verge of breakout success from the vibrant northern Ghana music scene.

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