Fans of Fancy Gadam warn Sarkodie to postpone his Rapperholic for this reason (details)

On the 25th of December, 2021 which is Christmas day and a very great day to the people of Ghana many musicians have taken that opportunity to organize musical concerts in various parts of the country to entertain their fans .

Sarkodie announced his upcoming Rapperholic concert which is dated 25th December while the northern ruler Fancy Gadam also has a show in the Bukom Arena. Both concerts are coming on in the greater Accra region which is the capital of Ghana.

Now the issue here is that will fans who likes both parties be confused as where to go and have fun ? . Looking at their fan bases there’s no doubt that Sarkodie has fans than Fancy Gadam but others also believe that Fancy Gadam will show wonders by making Sarkodie’s show a flop one .

Below is the flyer for Fancy Gadam’s concert

One Don concert

Below is the flyer for Sarkodie’s concert

Rapperholic concert

However a strong fan of Fancy Gadam has asked Sarkodie to change his concert date because his show will flop because Fancy Gadam will carry all the fans that day . Check his below

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