Sad news hit Ghana again as 8 people died instantly in a road accident (photos)

The recent heartbreaking news that has sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms is the untimely death of over 8 innocent passengers at Accra.

According to recent reports by Adom Fm and television, the unexpected accident occurred at Sege which is a suburb within the Eastern corridor of the Greater Accra region aside being close from Ada as the gruesome incident claimed innocent lives on the spot.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the sprinter bus who was heading towards Sege from Ada unexpectedly tried to overtake another truck driver who was ahead of him aside driving at top speed but there were six other vehicles in front of the truck driver which the sprinter driver unexpectedly insisted on overtaking.

Even though the sprinter driver knew the risk for making such a decision, he didn’t mind as he continued to overtake all the 7 vehicles ahead of him but he unexpectedly witnessed another ford vehicle coming towards him at top speed which sadly led to a head-on collision between the two vehicle hence killing the lives of the two drivers on the spot.

Aside the two drivers losing their respective lives due to their careless driving, other innocent passengers who were mostly women seated at the back of the respective vehicles also lost their lives on the spot alongside other passengers who were seated in both vehicles.

According to recent reports, the police service delayed after the gruesome accident was reported but the fire service officers kept to their promise and arrived on the spot on time to try help remove some of the passengers who were stuck in the vehicle.

Below is a look at some photos of the fatal accident that recently occurred on the Sege road at Accra.

About nine out of ten passengers who were in the vehicles which collided have reportedly lost their respective lives due to the careless driving of the sprinter driver as the only survivor in the fatal accident is currently receiving medical treatment at a nearby hospital

Source: broadcast ghana

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