Fresh Faya and Fancy Gadam finally on set shooting a video for their hit song ” hustle hard” (video )

After several years of releasing a banger with the ruler of Northern music, Fresh Faya has finally done what fans and music lovers have been calling him out to do.

Fresh Faya is a popular upper East based singer cum rapper ,he joined forces with the biggest artistes in the Northern region,Fancy Gadam to release a banger in 2019 called ” hustle hard

This came as a surprise because by then Fancy Gadam was a very hot cake who was so relevant and uneasy to find . But Fresh Faya showed that he got the the nerves so he got Fancy Gadam on his song.

After dropping the song ,it went viral and had few award nominations in the Northern part of the country. But one thing that couldn’t help the song to go national was that they couldn’t shoot a video then so fans and music lovers were not happy after waiting for so long .

Its very clear that Fresh Faya was planning something heavy and bigger for his fans as we finally have that news with evidence that he’s on set with Fancy Gadam shooting a classic video for the song . Watch the scenes below and follows on Instagram for more news.

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