Funny moment groom refused k!ss from bride (video)

It was so sad and funny at same time when the groom shamefully refused to k!ss his bride .

Wedding ceremony could be interesting and everyone would wish to enjoy the moment, however,few can practice all that it demands, did you read that ? Yes, I mean demanded, this is because, some of the things seem imperative,but whether those are biblical are question for the gods

Apparently, during wedding events, it is demanding for the couple to lock lips, I mean to k!ss,can you meet that demand?

Most at times, the crowd posited massive problem to the couple to do such a thing they should be doing behind close doors

You might have seen several videos where couple refuse to k!ss as demanded, especially, amongst the African folks where s*x is treated sacred or k!ssing

A new video  has surfaced online where the groom refused k!ssing the bride after she went down kneeling where the crowd bellow here and there, disgraceful ?

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