I have done charity work for most upper east musicians but they are ungrateful- Dj Smart

The award winning popular radio presenter Dj Smart who doubles as the host of source fm’s popular entertainment show, “trotro drive” , in Bawku of the upper east region has unhappily shared his idea on how ungrateful most artiste in upper east are.

Dj smart as we all know him as the artiste landlord in kusaug has done a lot when it comes to promotion of entertainment in kusaug and the upper east region as a whole and he has tremendously shown love to most musicians by hyping them on radio and promoting them on social media.

It has come to our notice that Dj Smart is unhappy about how most of the musicians he supported for free are not showing any appreciation of his good work after he posted on his Facebook page to talk about the issue. He said he has done charity work for the artiste but they are not appreciating.

Below is a screenshot of his post.

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