Sauce-Khid must bring guinea fowl and alcohol to apologise before I unblock him , King PC says (Video)

The kusaug music scene in northern Ghana is heating up with some drama between two of its top stars. King PC, a pioneer of the kusaug hip hop movement hailing from Garu, is currently blocking up-and-comer Sauce-Khid on social media platforms. This beef stems from some unknown internal issues between the two rappers.

King PC recently went on TikTok Live with Prince Nifty TV, where he was asked about the rift with Sauce-Khid. King PC stated that per kusaug customs, Sauce-Khid needs to bring him a guinea fowl as an apology before he will unblock him online.

The guinea fowl is a culturally significant bird in the kusaas tribe of northern Ghana. Presenting one is a customary way of making amends. Clearly, whatever transpired between them must have offended King PC significantly for him to demand this traditional apology.

Sauce-Khid is one of the fastest rising young talents in kusaug hip hop. But out of respect for his elder King PC, he will need to obtain a guinea fowl and present it to smooth things over. It seems that cultural traditions still carry a lot of weight even in the modern music industry of northern Ghana.

This situation exemplifies how influential artists like King PC set the tone for the new generation like Sauce-Khid. Let’s hope these two talented rappers can squash their beef for the sake of kusaug hip hop. The ball is now in Sauce-Khid’s court to apologize properly and get back in King PC’s good graces. Watch th3 interview below ;

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