“I will take legal action against you” Shatta Wale threatens to sue Kwadwo Sheldon for this reason [Video]

Popular Ghanaian dancehall artiste ,Shatta Wale who is known for so many controversial issues has once again dropped a bomb against content creator and YouTuber ,Kwadwo Sheldon.

Few days ago there was a controversial issue in Ghana about American rapper Meek Mill who used the Jubilee House of Ghana where the presidency is housed to shoot his music video. This issue made a trend on social media where Kwadwo Sheldon and many other Ghanaians called it a disrespect for the American rapper to shoot a music video at the presidency where even original Ghanaians cannot take a picture at.

This issue caught Shatta Wale’s attention, so he insulted Ghanaians for saying Meek Mill is not supposed to use our high office for a music video. This made so many people including Kwadwo Sheldon to drag Shatta Wale for supporting Meek Mill even though Meek Mill deleted the video and apologized to Ghanaians and the president.

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Kwadwo Sheldon upon seeing a video Shatta Wale made to insult him and other media personalities quickly replied Shatta Wale ,in his video he said he is schooling Shatta Wale because Shatta Wale has no knowledge on social issues and this made Shatta Wale so angry to the extend that he also came out to lash Kwadwo Sheldon again, and this time around he asked Kwadwo Sheldon not mention his name anywhere or use his song on his YouTube channel again or else he will sue him . Watch the full video below.

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