Kafui Danku’s Reply to Netizens on why she always covers her Tótø will shock you

Kafui Danku is a Ghanaian actress and movie producer, mostly known for her role in movies such as Any Other Monday, Alvina: Thunder and Lightning, I Do, and 4Play. She is also the author of the book Silence Is Not Golden.

She is married to a Canadian man. The couple has two children, one of which was named Baby Lorde.

It seems social media users have a hidden agenda for the actress. A photo posted by the Kafui on her official Facebook page got Netizens asking the same question.

According to social media users, the actress always covers her lower private area when posing for a snap. Some also concluded that the thing (toto) is too big and that she can not allow it to show just like that.

In her reply, she said she always does that to escape from the Zoom natives.
“I can’t post a harmless pic all because of zoom natives. Chai!”
According to her most social media users always zoom pictures of women to get a clear and visible view of their total. Which she can’t fall victim to.

Below are some of the pictures that got Social Media Users asking such questions:

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