Kwesi Arthur and I dated from 2018 to 2021- Efia Odo finally confesses(video)

The rumours about actress and former TV presenter Efia Odo’s close friendship with rapper Kwesi Arthur have finally been confirmed. Odo publicly acknowledged that she and the rapper were in a romantic relationship from 2018 to 2021.

Odo claims the breakup had a significant effect on her and made her vow to never date a man again. She made these revelations on the latest episode of the reality show GH Queens.


Earlier this year, Odo had told Zionfelix that she was happy Kwesi Arthur had found love again, despite repeatedly denying their relationship. She emphasized that love is a beautiful thing, so if the rapper found it with a new woman, that was great.

When asked if she was jealous of Kwesi’s new partner, the outspoken model and actress questioned why she would be jealous after she herself had found love. She insisted they were only friends and strongly denied ever dating the Ghanaian musician.


Odo claims they had stopped talking to each other before the other woman entered Kwesi’s life. She says friends naturally move on after a certain amount of time because people come and go in life.

The latest revelation dispels all speculation, though it came after the two celebrities had already parted ways and Odo was very private about it before shocking everyone with the news on the new reality show.

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