Meek Mill’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Stolen On The Streets Of Accra, Begs Thief To Return It

American rapper Meek Mill has fallen victim to the nefarious activities of thieves disguised as fans in Accra, Ghana.
The ‘Going Bad’ singer took to social media to explain how his iPhone 14 Pro Max was stolen but he pleaded for the gadget to be returned.

Meek Mill, who arrived in Ghana on Wednesday, was spotted having the best time of his life with his friends at the Twist nightclub.

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On Thursday, the rapper gushed about how he already felt at home in Ghana, declaring, “Ghana is too lit,” after riding his bike with bikers through the streets of Accra ahead of his Afronation show.

However, Meek Mill, pleaded with the unknown person in an Instagram story post to return his phone after being pickpocketed in the crowd while enjoying himself.

“They pick pocketed me for my phoneeeeeee SMH. Bring that Jawn back if you got it!!!” — Meek Mill posted

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