Meet Hajia Fauzy The Ghanaian Model With The Heaviest Chest. CheckOut

In this write up, we present to you Hajia Fauzy. Hajia Fauzy is famous actress, model, television personality and entrepreneur. She hails from the Tamale , the northern part of Ghana. She was born on November 23, 1997. She completed University of Development Studies where, She earned a bachelor’s degree Agriculture Science in 2020 . She started professional modelling three years ago.

Hajia Fauzy was norminated for best model of year at tertiary awards in 2019. She is very talented and intelligent lady who graduated with the highest score in her class. Hajia Fauzy is a currently the brand ambassador for Fashion Waist Trainers, one of most popular brands of in Ghana.

She is naturally blessed with huge chest. She mostly known for posting thrilling pictures of herself on Instagram which attract alot of followers on hr page. Hajia Fauzy has over 50K followers on Instagram . She is lady every guy will love to love to date.

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