Mzvee states the amount you should have before she will go on a date with you

MzVee, a popular singer, has returned to Twitter after a month of hibernation with stunning images that have won the hearts of many.

She posted four photos of herself wearing a brown front cutout jumpsuit with a beautiful low haircut.

While many continue to shower her with compliments, some of her male fans appear to have already fallen in love with her.

One comment that piqued the singer’s interest came from user @Quojo M, who asked MzVee out on a date despite the fact that he only had six Cedis in his account.

In response, the singer joked about wanting to hang out with the user., only if he had an extra Cedi in his account. She wrote: “Oh! Only if it was 7 cedis.”

MzVee is currently promoting her new album, 10:30.

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