Nana Ama McBrown’s Greediness Exposed After Allegedly Stealing Advertising Deal From Roselyn Ngissah And Other Celebrities

It’s becoming serious how bad things are suddenly popping up about McBrown after her UTV mishap!

Haters of the veteran actress are stopping at nothing to drag her down since her brand has become penetrable.

News coming up reveals Nana Ama McBrown has stolen an advertising deal from ‘struggling’ Ghanaian actress, Roselyn Ngissah.

Apparently, Roselyn Ngissah shared the good news with her best friend, Nana Ama McBrown concerning the advertising deal that had fallen on her lap.

According to blogger Cutie Juls, the company, Colorad had agreed to the deal terms including sponsoring Roselyn with some money to remove some fat.

But they put things on hold on the day of the official signing. The next thing she saw was McBrown signed already and campaigning for them.

Cutie Juls revealed sources claim McBrown had the chance because she did her tummy and was looking good to market the product. Plus the fact that she has a bigger following than Roselyn Ngissah so the company didn’t want to waste their resources.

Cutie Juls went further disclosing that the company wants to give the deal back to Roselyn Ngisah but there are still others who want to take it from her.

Also, she revealed other celebrities have had that bitter experience with McBrown ‘stealing’ their advertising deal.

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