Notorious Thief Busted By Angry Residents In Elmina Beaten Mercilessly (Video)

Whiles others are suffering and toiling to make a living, others are seriously stealing and robbing people if their hard earned properties to enjoy live

In the past months now, thieves who are busted by MOB lives get spared. Rather fun is made out of them and they are forced to dance to or sing in for them to be filmed and published publicly as enough punishment. This time around, a thief who was caught was not spared at all in Elmina, he was beaten and dragged on the floor like a Goat. In the short video, someone was angrily kicking his face on the floor after receiving heavy beatings already. This man is so unlucky, if it was to be Takoradi, he would be made to dance but Elmina boys have no tolerance for stealing.

Watch the video below

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