Operation finding true love, Funny Face says as he is seen entangling a beautiful lady on the street (video)

Famous Ghanaian comedian Funny Face who recently faced a lot of broken heart issues has started an operation he called ” Operation finding true love” to mend his broken heart.

It was so amazing how this beautiful girl was so excited seeing the popular comedian doing a live video with on Instagram where over 1million followers of the comedian and a lot Instagram users will watch them .

Funny Face for the past few years has not seen happiness as he’s always finding ways to get his broken heart mended but to no vail .His twin daughters were carried away by his ex-wife and also he recently posted another daughter who has also been Carried away from him .

This his ‘ operation finding true love” may sound funny but the beautiful lady as seen in the video has fallen for Funny Face already.

Watch the video below


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