Out now: Amingo Gee ft. EdgarStone _Not equal (Tibuzim ta’aba)

Emerging dancehall talent Amingo Gee from Kusanaba has just dropped a powerful new collaboration with the legendary kusaasi singer EdgarStone. The song is called “Not Equal (Tibuzim ta’aba)” and it’s already generating buzz for its uplifting message about supporting one another and not comparing ourselves, since we’re not all born equal.

I’ve given it a listen and this track is fire – Amingo Gee’s vocals blend flawlessly with EdgarStone’s soulful chorus. The Afropop rhythms make you want to get up and dance too! With lyrics sung in English and Swahili, the song promotes unity and self-acceptance in such a catchy way.

If you need some motivation and positivity in your day, I highly recommend you check out “Not Equal” on your favorite music platform now. Let’s continue to lift up fresh new voices in Ghanaian music like Amingo Gee and listen to legends like EdgarStone pass the torch. Proud to see my people spreading light through music! Give this rising star a follow and stream the song today.

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