Sad:Horrific moment as two boys drowned while swimming in River (video)

A video has surfaced online, detailing the horrific moment of two boys drowned while swimming in a river stirred uproar. 

The video which had gone viral on social media, shows five young men, believed to be close friends, enjoying fun in a river on a sunny afternoon. 

While two of the young guys were seen swimming cautiously along the river’s shallow bank, the three others chose to go farther into the water, possibly to displaying their swimming skills 

The three young men who sped away were spotted trying to remain afloat on the river’s surface as they began to die on the spur of the moment. 

Fortunately, one of them, identified as Ben, was able to swim ashore and join the two others who were playing safe in the shallow portion. The two others, on the other hand, died as they sank hopelessly, gasping for oxygen and yelling for assistance.

In the video scene, Ben was urged to call out to the two other buddies who were drowning by a witness photographing them, but he couldn’t since he was fighting for his life as well.

Watch the video below

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