Scooter Surprise: Spyro Ranks’ Wild Entrance at Face of Toende 2023[Video]

The grand finale of Face of Toende 2023 was full of excitement, but one of the biggest moments came from reggae dancehall star Spyro Ranks. Performing at the event held at Zebilla SHS, Spyro made a scooter motorcycle entrance that wowed the crowd.

As the headline act for the Face of Toende finale, anticipation was high for Spyro Ranks to take the stage. When he finally emerged, it was in spectacular fashion. Riding a scooter motorcycle, Spyro zoomed onto the stage from backstage, circling around the stunned audience at Zebilla SHS’s packed assembly hall. Fans screamed and cheered at the unexpected entrance.


Spyro wore a huge grin as he dismounted the scooter and immediately launched into his hit song “guy la.”, he had the crowd jumping and singing along. It was an electric start to what would become an energy-filled set.

For many attendees, Spyro’s scooter entrance was the highlight of the night. It was a creative way for the dancehall star to make an impact right off the bat. The unique entrance will generate a lot of buzz on social media after viral videos captured the moment. Fans will tempt to called it a “forever memorable” and “legendary” concert opening.


Spyro Ranks knows how to make an entrance. Riding his scooter motorcycle on stage was a clever way for the singer to surprise fans and create hype at Face of Toende 2023. It kicked the night into high gear and set the tone for an epic finale performance. With creative moves like this, it’s no wonder Spyro Ranks has become a must-see live performer for reggae and dancehall fans. This scooter surprise is sure to go down as an iconic concert moment for years to come.

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