Sista Afia and Fancy Gadam Bury the Hatchet After Months of Feuding

It seems the public feud between Ghanaian musicians Sista Afia and Fancy Gadam has finally come to an end. The Ghanaian artist had a major falling out last year after Fancy Gadam failed to show up to perform at Sista Afia’s concert in Tamale. His absence was seen as sabotage by Sista Afia and led to the failure of the event.

For months, Sista Afia repeatedly called out Fancy Gadam on social media and in interviews, accusing him of being unprofessional and purposefully sabotaging her show. Fancy Gadam stayed quiet in response to the accusations.

However, this week Fancy Gadam broke his silence and issued a public apology to Sista Afia for his lack of professionalism. Sista Afia posted on Facebook saying,
“FANCY GADAM I really appreciate your apology
you always going to be my brother. Let’s fly
that’s all that matters
Fancy Gadam commented
“Always love my sister”

It seems the two have finally made amends after this lengthy feud. Both artists seem ready to put aside their differences and move forward in support of each other’s careers. This is a mature resolution to a clash that could have continued escalating.

Fans of Sista Afia and Fancy Gadam will be relieved to see the two stars taking the high road and choosing to collaborate rather than compete. With this drama now behind them, hopefully we will see more musical collaborations between the talented duo in the future. Their mature handling of this clash shows why both are respected names in Ghanaian music. Read their interaction on Facebook below;

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