The Upper East Rises: Get Ready for Young Naira’s Multilingual Mother’s Day Anthem

If you’re not yet familiar with the name Young Naira, get ready, because this blazing new talent from Zebilla is about to set the afropop and dancehall scenes ablaze with his highly anticipated debut single “Mama.”

Dropping just in time for Mother’s Day on May 12th, “Mama” is a multi-lingual tour de force that pays tribute to our queens, our matriarchs, our mothers. With sublime verses sung in English, Kusaal, Hausa and Fulani, Young Naira seamlessly blends languages and genres into an irresistible musical melting pot.

At just 22 years old, Young Naira has already turned heads with his infectious melodies, thoughtful lyricism and boundless creative energy. Influenced by the unique cultural mosaic of Ghana’s Upper East Region, he’s crafted a sound that is both modern and proudly rooted in heritage.

“Mama” is a song that defies borders and boundaries. It’s a celebration of mothers everywhere – the pillars who nurture families and communities with endless love, wisdom and resilience. With a groovy afropop foundation layered with dancehall vibes, it’s the kind of rallying cry that will move dance floors from Accra to Abuja, Nairobi to New York.

The Upper East Region of Ghana has given rise to so many musical pioneers, and it’s clear that Young Naira is the latest star carrying that torch into an exciting new era. Make sure you’re locked in when “Mama” drops on May 12th – you won’t want to miss this multilingual Mother’s Day anthem. The future of afropop and dancehall is awake and ARISING!

Mark your calendars and get ready to hit play on “Mama” by Young Naira on May 12th across all streaming platforms. This one’s for the mothers!

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