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“U get mind” – Reactions as young lady pranks army officer in public space (Video)



A popular TikToker who’s famous for making prank videos on the app, chose an unsuspecting military officer for one of her jokes.

The young lady took to a market place with an empty bucket and placed it on her head to make any of her victim think that the bucket was full.

The prankster who then spotted a soldier who was walking towards her, approached him and asked him to help her bring it down.

Being a gentlemen, he decided to assist the young lady only to find out that there was nothing heavy in the bucket. The soldier then playfully tried to smack her when he realized it was a prank but she smiled and handed him a pack of snacks.

She handed the snack to the Army officer who reluctantly accepted it and casually walked away.

Watch the video as you scroll,

Netizens had something to say with many of them believing the case would have been different if the army man was pranked by a man instead.

Read some reactions,

Solomon Tyme wrote, If na man.. e for collect tire… wetin man do man.

Boyo Jemine wrote, U get mind… me wey dey fear their uniforms pass police.

Dr king.D wrote, I like the lady. Bravery.

avatar display wrote, If to say na guy do this kind thin eh.

Kaffie Hiwass wrote, I swear, that officer has fell in love, see the way he was looking at her.

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All i want is a man who won’t cheat on me “Gorgeous Lady Trends while flaunting her Big in her skimpy top (VIDEO)



Gorgeous Lady is a confident woman who knows how to flaunt her assets.She recently shared a blog post where she talked about the qualities she’s looking for in a man. According to her, all she wants is a man who won’t cheat on her.

Her post was accompanied by a stunning photo of her showcasing her curves and hips in a skimpy top. She looked confident and radiant, sending a message to the world that she’s not afraid to be herself.

In her post, she talked about the importance of trust in a relationship and how cheating can destroy it. She emphasized that she’s looking for a man who values loyalty and honesty above everything else.

Gorgeous Lady’s post is a reminder that confidence and self-love are essential in finding the right partner. She’s not afraid to set her standards high and demand the best for herself.

And with her stunning looks and personality, there’s no doubt that she’ll attract the right man who will love and cherish her for who she is

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“I miss your manhood” – Abena Korkor tells Criss Waddle



Ghanaian rapper Criss Waddle has received public praise for being a good in-bed , and Abena Korkor has even admitted that she misses his manhood inside her.

The outspoken advocate discussed her experiences and difficulties with relationships and mental health in a recent update.

One of the names mentioned in Abena Korkor’s revelations is Alex, who is said to be the proprietor of Peduase Lodge and whom she alleges gave her a sizable sum of $20,000 in exchange for sexual favors.

On Abena Korkor’s most recent list were notable individuals like experienced media personality Randy Abbey.

Abena Korkor stated her willingness to seize chances that monetary stability would present amid the frank confessions, particularly in contrast to her challenges, which were represented by her remark of “taking troski” (public transit).

The update also features an unexpected shout-out to musician Criss Waddle, indicating a past romantic connection.

Her trending post also delved into her romantic encounters and interactions with various men, some of whom she alleges offered her financial incentives for sexual favours.

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‘‘Gifts Me’’ – Lady Says As She Display It To Fans For Gift (Watch)



A slim lady has demonstrated that, regardless of how small her frame on Tiktok, a woman may succeed if she is dedicated to learning how to exercise to reduce her waist and ßöøbs.


On social media, a video of a woman spinning and dancing has gone viral.


They claimed that her small nyash and ßöøbs would prevent her from completing the task, but she is proving them incorrect here.


In the video, she sports a variety of black and white bottoms, as well as a bra.


People were shocked when they watched the video on social media, and some even wondered if she was using it to advertise her line of women’s underwear and her ßöøbs.


Watch The Video Below:

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