Watch:Exciting moment as the upper east Dance teacher, Dance Wizard Alpha organized a successful dance class in Bawku (Video)

Dance Wizard Alpha is on of the best dancers in Northern Ghana who has performed in many occasions especially in the upper east region and Kusaug to be specific . He uses his talent to bring smile into people faces as he never feel lazy to portray his God gifted talent.

He has the zeal to show to the world his talent so he used an opportunity given to him by God to teach the young ones his dancing skills.

During festives seasons like Sallah and Christmas erars he makes sure he doesn’t fail his people , as a result of this he organized a big event in Bawku to teach people how he dances and also encourage them to get new dancing skills .

In doing this ,he brought out a lot of fans to the event center called A.B spot in a community in Bawku called Zawse to teach them a lot about dancing

Dance Wizard Scottlord in action with the youth

From the video above you can vividly see that this guy will go far with the dancing art be because he excitedly does it like no one’s business.

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You can watch more videos from him by clicking on the links below



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