“We are all struggling, stop claiming big” k Vimbwoy Gh blast Kusaug artistes

Bawku-based musician K Vimbwoy Gh recently posted a video on TikTok blasting some of his fellow Kusaug artists for boastful claims about their success. In the video, Vimbwoy argues that up-and-coming musicians should show more humility and respect for veterans in the field.

“Accra to K Vimbwoy Gh everyone is struggling to grow so no one should claim big cus within them they know who is doing we than the others,” he stated. As an example, Vimbwoy pointed to Anambe, an iconic and widely-known Kusaug musician who has had a long career yet doesn’t brag about his accomplishments.

Meanwhile, Vimbwoy accused younger Kusaug artists of acting like they’re “the biggest” whenever they get interviewed. In his view, this hubris and exaggeration of their success is unwarranted.

While confidence and ambition are important traits for rising music stars, Vimbwoy may have a point about humility as well. Even top artists had to work hard and pay their dues early in their careers. And showing respect for trailblazers who paved the way is wise.

At the same time, the impulse to celebrate your progress is understandable. Striking the right balance between humility and well-earned pride is key. Music icons weren’t born that way; they put in long hours and conquered self-doubt on their way up.

What’s your take on Vimbwoy’s critiques? Should up-and-comers be more modest about their accomplishments? Or should we give them space to unapologetically chase their dreams? The music world is big enough for artists of all levels to thrive in their own lanes. But a spirit of collaboration and mutual appreciation makes the journey sweeter for all.

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