We have spent 1.3 Billion on our craft
as Lookalike celebrities

The Lookalike celebrities Association of Ghana led by Robest of 4kings who is the famous gang leader of the group together with his colleagues has granted and interview on Bryt Fm in the Eastern Region of Ghana and revealed the amount of money they spent to build their craft as the lookalike celebrities.

It sounds funny how the country Ghana has entertained these people to the degree of giving them huge platforms to display their activities as celebrity lookalikes or lookalike celebrities. Even many celebrities who are the original ones are not having any issues with the activities of the infamous lookalikes .

Few days ago ,Robest the king promise lookalike and his subordinates Kuami Eugene lookalike ,Mr Drew lookalike and Medikal lookalike had the chance to tell the world how much money they use to brand and build their craft and quickly Mr. Robest mentioned 1.3 Billion, which is a huge amount of money.

Many people are amazed by the amount they mentioned in disbelief because it is too much. Watch the interview below.

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