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Why I Like To Wear My ‘Ashawo’ Clothes – Ayra Starr

Nigerian singer Ayra Starr is currently enjoying a lot of success with her latest release “Rush”. Another thing the singer is well known for is her sometimes controversial outfits which many have deemed her ‘ashawo’ style of dressing. During a new interview with Cool FM, Ayra Starr talked about both of these things, and she had quite a bit to say about them. Here’s what she said.

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with my vocals”, but then Jazzy was like this is the song and I was like “but I feel like I’m speaking too much pidgin”, I was so insecure about it. I had so many thoughts about it. But Jazzy, Tega, my A&R in general, they had so much confidence in this song. And just the confidence they transferred to me, I was like okay, if they’re so confident about this song then let me try it. And I did. From the first day, I’ve not seen one bad comment about “Rush” till now and it’s crazy.

Speaking about why she likes to sometimes wear her ‘ashawo’ clothes, Ayra Starr said:

In real life, I like to enter into two different energies. Sometimes I’m just like a guy, I want to wear boots today. And then sometimes, I’m wearing my skirt that’s just as tiny as a belt [laughs]. And sometimes, I’m not wearing clothes [laughs]. But I just like to expose myself to different things, I like to feel different things, and I put that in my music too. I want people to be able to feel 2 different energies. I can start a song very like slow or sad and then in the chorus, I’m angry. I want people to feel different things when they hear me.

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