Yawa moment as a guy cries uncontrollably after suffering public rejection from his 15 year old girlfriend (video)

It’s always difficult to believe the saying that “love is blind ” but if you look at the society we live in and things that happens in the society you will realise that it is actually true that love is blind .

These days boys have been suffering rejection and broken heart on a low key but a young handsome guy who is believed to be a native of Binaba a town in the Bawku west district of the upper East Region of Ghana has been trending for suffering rejection and broken heart in a sorrowful way.

The trending video shows how this young man called Ben cried like a baby when his 15 year old girlfriend called Abigail has shown to him a total disappointment when he tried to talk to her in public. The guy is seen wailing seriously after the girlfriend walked off from him .

According to sources closed to us this incident is a real incident and not a prank as people may think. We at ourmusicnewz.com has promised to follow the story so we can update you on what happened next after the public rejection.

Watch the full video below.


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