Yawa Moment as Criss Waddle exposes a broke guy for trolling him (Screenshot)

Ghanaian rapper, business magnate and real estate developer, Criss Waddle has been compelled to expose, perhaps, an unemployed and hungry Nigerian boy who downplayed his effort.

It was a point of disappointment rather than desperation an Eze Ego Danny had to be placed at his level who got disgraced by the rapper on social Media – something he called for which serves him right.

A few months, Eze reached out in the DM of the business mogul, Criss Waddle wanting him to hook him up to the top of riches.

A day Past without an expected reply, Eze comes back to social media— changed his As* l* king tactics, and tries to disrespect Criss Waddle.

His comments palliate Waddle’s post he was cooking something with stone, the Bhim’s president.

As Eze puts it; Masa no go waste money in the studio, U way get flog voice.

Shockingly, Eze could not mention ‘Frog’ — the tale of a desperation-hungry facebooker.

Waddle had nothing left but to expose Eze who jumped into his DM to be hooked to the top of riches like the AMG founder.



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