Bagabaga college of education leads the northern zone with over 27 first class graduates (details)

Bagabaga College of Education Tops Northern Colleges of Education in Terms of First Producing Class Students

In the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal, it is announced that Bagabaga College of Education produced more first-class students in the northern part of Ghana than other college.

Bagabaga College of Education is located in the northern part of Ghana. It is a neighboring school to Tamale College of Education. The philosophy of the school is based on science-related educational courses. It has its motto to be “Advance with the Sciences”.

The 2019/2020 batch of the school has made a wonderful academic year by producing a number of first-class students more than the previous batch. For two consecutive years and sometimes back, the school has always been at the top when it comes to academic performance.

Below, you will find the ranking of the schools with their numbers of first-class students.

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