EdgarStone builds a new recording studio, ready to drop first song produced in it titled “Fubeya?”

The upper East region of Ghana has a thriving hip hop and hiplife music scene, and one of its pioneering artists has just given back in a big way. EdgarStone, a rapper and producer originally from Kusanaba in the Bawku West District, has recently opened the WAMM EMPIRE RECORDING STUDIO in his hometown.

EdgarStone has been recording and releasing his own music since the early 2000s. His unique style of mixing hip hop with Ghanaian highlife has won him many fans across the country. After finding success with his own career, EdgarStone now wants to help nurture the next generation of young hip hop and hiplife artists in his community.

The state-of-the-art WAMM EMPIRE RECORDING STUDIO, fully outfitted with professional equipment, will give local talent access to resources they need to succeed. EdgarStone built the studio to support upcoming artists and spur further growth of the Ghanaian music industry.

To celebrate the launch, EdgarStone has recorded a new single titled “Fubeya?” at the studio, set for release on January 3rd, 2024. The track will give listeners the first taste of the high quality music sure to come out of the new studio. Fans are already eagerly anticipating its debut.

The opening of the studio is exciting news for the youth of Kusanaba and surrounding areas. Having a professional facility nearby will make it easier for them to record demos and access mentoring from established artists like EdgarStone. It’s sure to become a creative hub for the next generation of Ghanaian music stars.

EdgarStone’s generous investment in the WAMM EMPIRE RECORDING STUDIO shows his commitment to keep Ghana’s hip hop scene thriving for years to come. As an industry pioneer, he is now paving the way forward for emerging talent from his hometown. This will certainly have a positive impact on the Ghanaian music industry as a whole.

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