FlameBwoy’s High School Tour is Lighting Up Kusaug as he storms Kusanaba SHS with a great performance (video)

Dancehall star FlameBwoy is taking his talents directly to the youth with an ambitious tour of secondary schools across his home region of Kusaug in northeastern Ghana. The winner of Dancehall Artist of the Year and Best New Artist at the 2023 Upper East Music Awards (UEMA) in Bolgatanga, FlameBwoy is using this tour to grow his fanbase and spread his brand of entertainment to the next generation.

On Saturday, March 16th, 2024, the Zebilla native brought his high-energy show to the students of Kusanaba SHS. Performing in the school’s entertainment hall, FlameBwoy had the venue going wild as he ran through his catalog of hits for the enthusiastic young crowd. Scenes like this have been playing out across Kusaug as FlameBwoy makes his way from school to school.

The importance of FlameBwoy’s secondary school tour cannot be overstated:

1. Cultivating the Next Generation of Fans
By performing at secondary schools, FlameBwoy is introducing his music to a young audience just starting to develop their tastes. Making this direct connection allows him to organically build a fanbase that will follow his career for years to come.

2. Giving Back to the Community
As someone who grew up in Kusaug himself, FlameBwoy understands how impactful it can be for youth to have successful performers and artists come straight to their schools. He is using his platform to inspire the next wave of talent from the region.

3. Promoting Arts Education
Touring schools and performing allows FlameBwoy to showcase the power of music and performance art firsthand. This helps complement students’ traditional education with exposure to the vibrant arts and music scene of their own community.

With his dynamic performances and community-focused approach, FlameBwoy’s school tour is a win for students, educators, and arts/culture in Kusaug. The Upper East Region’s newest star is only just beginning to shine.

Watch a video of his performance below:

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