“He knows who is bigger between us ” K Vimbwoy Gh replies Bawku Stone

In the vibrant music scene of Bawku, two rising stars have caught the attention of music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. Bawku Stone and K Vimbwoy Gh, both hailing from the Kusaug Kingdom, have recently found themselves at the center of a controversy. During an interview with Dj Smart of Maxx Empire Radio, Dj Smart alleged that Bawku Stone referred to K Vimbwoy as his “small boy.” In response, K Vimbwoy confidently asserted that Bawku Stone should know who is bigger and more hardworking between them. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing musical rivalry.

During the interview, Dj Smart claimed that Bawku Stone had referred to K Vimbwoy as his “small boy.” While the exact context of this statement remains unclear, it has undoubtedly sparked a heated debate among their fans and followers. Such allegations can often fuel tensions and rivalries within the music industry, leading to a battle for supremacy.

In response to Dj Smart’s question, K Vimbwoy swiftly dismissed the notion that he is inferior to Bawku Stone. He confidently stated that Bawku Stone should already know who is bigger and more hardworking between them. This response not only showcases K Vimbwoy’s self-assuredness but also hints at a deeper rivalry and competition between the two .

While the exact nature of the rivalry between Bawku Stone and K Vimbwoy remains undisclosed, it is evident that there is an unspoken tension between them. Both artists are striving to make a name for themselves in the music industry, and this rivalry could be a result of their ambitions clashing. As they both hail from Bawku, their competition may be fueled by a desire to represent their hometown and gain recognition as the top artist from the region.

As K Vimbwoy confidently stated, the question of who is bigger and more hardworking between the two ultimately lies in the hands of Bawku Stone. While fans and industry insiders may have their own opinions, it is up to Bawku Stone to acknowledge and recognize the talent and dedication of his fellow artist. Only he knows the truth behind their respective journeys and the

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