Kwaw Kese Calls Out Shatta Wale for Not Supporting His New Single

Shatta Wale’s latest album ‘KONEKT’ has been making waves since its release on February 2nd, 2024. The diverse mix of dancehall and reflective tracks has fans loving the music icon’s newest body of work. However, fellow Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese recently called out Shatta Wale for not returning the support on his own new single.

In a recent interview on Bryt TV’s Top 10 Countdown show, Kwaw Kese claimed he was the first Ghanaian artist to support Shatta Wale’s ‘KONEKT’ album. “I was the first Ghanaian artist who supported the KONEKT Album,” he stated. “Shatta is my school son so I have to support him.”

However, Kwaw Kese expressed disappointment that Shatta Wale hasn’t shown the same support for his latest single “Awoyo Sofo” featuring Kofi Mole. “But he hasn’t been doing the same for me,” he lamented.

Kwaw Kese helped promote ‘KONEKT’ because of his personal connection to Shatta Wale as a mentor figure. But now that the tables have turned, he feels let down that Shatta hasn’t reciprocated and signal boosted his new music.

This highlights the complicated relationships and politics between artists in the Ghanaian music scene. Even when there are close bonds, the fierce competition for airplay and streams means artists aren’t always willing to promote their peers.

Shatta Wale is yet to directly respond to Kwaw Kese’s criticisms. But this back and forth shows that supporting other artists in the industry isn’t always a two-way street. Kwaw Kese clearly expects Shatta Wale to return the favor, even if his ‘school son’ remains silent on the matter for now.

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