Mother beats daughter to pulp for failing to marry an old man from abroad (Video)

A mother who is angry with her daughter who is aged twenty has beaten help to the pulp for failing to agree to an arraigned marriage to a ‘borga’.

According to the information gathered, the woman had earlier agreed with the man to make her daughter get married to her when she comes of age.

It added that the man recently got back from the United States where he is based.

The source added that the lady who isn’t happy with the way things are going blocked the man on Whatsapp.

The American ‘borga’ who the lady claims is 40 years old reported to the lady’s mother that he has been blocked by her daughter.

The furious mother asked her to unblock the man but when she failed to do that, she took matters into her hands and beat the hell of out her.

See the photo and screenshot below:

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