Rich people don’t even give like the average people – Stonebwoy(video)

Stonebwoy, a Ghanaian Raggae-Dancehall and Afro-beat singer, has talked up about something that has been bothering him for a while about how people are faking their lifestyles or boast about things they don’t have all for the sake of temporal fame.

According to Stonebwoy, we live in a world where no one can determine whether or not genuine love exists because individuals are so arrogant that they will go to any length to establish a point, no matter how horrible it impacts those around them.

“We living in a world right now where love is not really real in a sense that, everyone is looking out for themselves to the extent that they don’t give a f**k what they do to others to get to where they gotta be at.

“Yeah it’s like you have to grow to experience it. When I was a kid, you wouldn’t really know all these things by hand–you’d have to grow to experience that,” he said.

People, according to the “Go Higher” hitmaker, talk big and brag about things they can’t even buy, let alone own. According to the head of Burnington Music, those who have it do not help as much as those who have not. It could also be because the less fortunate understand what it’s like to be without it.

“Sometimes they talk about money but they are not rich like that–because you wonder, the richest of the richest cannot even give like those who don’t have it — those who don’t have it are able to give you free than those who have it take it more,” he concluded.

The BET award winner has called out the phony and fraudulent people in Ghana’s music industry, and he does not appear pleased. According to him, he knows a lot of people who are only pretending to live their lives in order to put their colleagues down since they are competing with one other.

He said, “Bringing it back to the point where– in the industry, I see a lot of people lying about things that they don’t even have bro–and they are capping, they are just trying make someone else’s progress feel shattered down — like incomplete whiles they still lie about that sh*t

“Those who have stuff, they don’t say nothing or they say the least. But looking back from where I come from, I wonder how I made it from the streets of Ashiaman to top tier festivals in the world as a Dancehall-Raggae artiste and Afro-beat artiste. I’ve lived a legacy that my generation would be proud of and also for the younger ones to learn and pick inspiration from.”

He ended by saying, “F*ck all these fake things going on in the industry–there’s so much competition.

“You see a lot of people gather up with the same interest because they hate you differently — so, they formed that friendship like they dislike you but that friendship is gonna fall.”

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