[VIDEO] ‘I sleep with multiple men to survive’ – Unposted nurse utters in tears at Onua TV studios

A member of the 2019 second batch of unposted nurses has said she has to sleep with multiple men in order to survive.

Speaking with Captain Smart on Onua TV/FM’s ‘Maakye’ Thursday, July 14, 2022, the unposted nurse noted “I’ve become a prostitute. I need to sleep with multiple men” in a response to a question posed by Captain Smart on how she has been surviving as an unemployed youth.

The young nurse bursted into tears after saying that.

Four of their members had been arrested under the command of the Ministry of Health upon their visit to the ministry Tuesday, July 14, to seek update on their postings.

Watch the weeping young nurse being consoled by Captain Smart as.

Source :Onua tv

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