Ghana is the best place to be , Beenie Man says

Beenie Man traveled to Ghana a few days ago to play with Stonebwoy at his Bhim concert, which was a triumph. However, reports circulated yesterday that he had been detained by national security for violating the COVID-19 rules.

He’s out of the country, as evidenced by a recent tweet in which he expresses gratitude to people who made his visit to Ghana a pleasant experience, stating it was wonderful to be here and that he’s looking forward to the next Bhim event, which will take place next year.

Based on his experiences and the warmth he received throughout his time here, he believes Ghana is the finest place in the world to be. He sends love and light to Stonebwoy, Freedom, Immigration, and the government, as well as all individuals that made his visit a pleasant one.

Beenie Man never said whether or not he was arrested, but he did mention how much he liked his time in Ghana, which led him to declare it the finest location to stay in the world.

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