” Let us build better brands for ourselves and stop beefing, its unnecessary,” Spyro Ranks advices

Ghanaian upcoming reggae-dancehall and afro-pop singer ,Spyro Ranks has advised his colleague musicians to focus on building a better career for themselves rather than beefing here and there which is very unnecessary at their stage .

As many people may think beef boost the growth of brands and makes them popular, Spyro Ranks thinks that is not actually the point because according to him as a young artiste you must be focused on brand building abd career development which comes with creating better music for the people and not beefing ,because it does not bring anything positive.

He continued by saying that he will rather use the time others are using to beef one another to record nice and well composed songs which may give him a better exposer which will lost for a very long time because controversies and beefs only gives you a little and short exposure which will not send you anywhere.

All this was said by Spyro Ranks when he was asked by the host in an interview at Maxx Empire Radio in the upper East Region about beefs and it’s importance to the music fraternity.

Spyro Ranks is a great asset for upper music so everyone is urged to follow him on all Platforms @Spyro Ranks and enjoy his music. Below is a video of his interview on Maxx Empire.

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